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Paradise in Every Home

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Shop Filipino Goods.

Give back to the Earth.

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HARA is committed to building a sustainable supply chain by contributing to global reforestation, carbon reduction, and the empowerment of female and indigenous makers. For every purchase that you make, a tree will be planted in an area where reforestation is needed. HARA is also committed to utilizing packaging exclusively made of sustainable material.
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How do we do this?

We’ve joined noissue’s Eco Alliance to ensure that all our packaging materials are compostable, recycled, and reusable. Together, the members of the Eco Alliance have helped plant over 40,000 trees and reduce carbon emissions by over 800 metric tons
We’re not just another business. We believe in healing our world through our actions — at every step of our growth and in every link of our supply chain. 
Thank you for supporting our mission to build a global paradise for all of us to enjoy. 

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