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Filipino Fiestas: A time for joy and community.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Filipino fiestas inspire the maiden collection of Hara. 2022.

Filipino fiestas are more than just parties in the Philippines. Held in honor of the changing seasons or regionally important patron saints, a fiesta is a time to gather the community and celebrate its traditions. Most famously, it's a time for beautiful tropical feasts where each household prepares their best dishes and opens their doors for family, neighbors and friends.

The roots of Filipino fiestas pre-date Spanish colonial rule. Pre-colonial Indigenous Filipinos made regular ritual offerings to their goddesses and gods. These ritual offerings evolved into the fiestas we know and love today.

Every town and city in the Philippines has a fiesta of its own. It’s a time for community members to showcase their most delicious recipes and trade their most beautiful wares. Our premiere Fiesta edit takes inspiration from this tradition. We have curated this collection to showcase the most vibrant and precious handicrafts of the Philippines. Each showcases the skills of a different region: from binakol table napkins woven in the traditional Itneg Tribe print of Northern Luzon to pineapple-shaped acacia wood bowls hand carved by makers of the Benguet Province.

A fiesta is a time to bond through community, friendship and food. We hope you take the spirit of this tradition from our homeland to your community in the United States with the help of our sustainably sourced and soulfully shaped goods.

Explore these items and bring some tropical sunshine to your next feast.


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