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  • Yellow multi-colored banig placemats, lovingly handwoven by the Tagolwanen women of Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Set of 2.

    Sodsod is a type of cogon grass that grows on farms of tall stalks that are given extra care to preserve their structural integrity, making that mats both sturdy and pliable. The Tagolwanen weavers start their days extra early to begin the harvest while the blades are fresh.

    The Native mats are made by the Maglalala - women weavers from the tribe of Bukidnon-Tagolwanen in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines. It is said that only those of stable mentality and persistence can become a weaver. Often, this skill and attitude are inherited within families, passed on from one generation to another. Weaving is done under cool conditions - on a mild day, at night, or when it rains. The Tagolwanen people believe that their designs are "Magbabaya" or God-given, as the traditional designs reflect age-old tribal values and beliefs.

    18in W x 13in L

    Ngiti Tagolwanen Placemats

    SKU: 129

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