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  • Rattan decorative storage basket, handmade in Lucena, Quezon and dyed in local 'dyobos.'

    Back in the 1940s, an American named Dr. Joe Bush put up a laundry cleaner and dyer at Plaza Santa Cruz. Other than cleaning and dyeing, Joe Bush also provided tailoring and bleaching services. What made Joe Bush’s business special was that he produced and purveyed powdered dyes in small packets with the brand name Joe Bush.

    The shop also sold dye powder in paper sachets bearing his name, for easy do-it-yourself coloring projects at home. As late as the psychedelic tie-dyed 1970s, people called commercial powder dyes as “dyobus,” an unintentional tribute to the man who colored our world!

    Body: 10.5in H x 8.5in W
    Leaf: 8in H x 4.5in W

    Piña Basket Decor

    SKU: 124